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JumpstART will be Back in the Fall of 2020

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Get the Roadmap You Need to Thrive as a Christian Artist!

Find direction for your life, art and business during this 1-day interactive, online workshop with Matt Tommey. 

Every God-given purpose needs a pathway!


This could be your best year ever!

It's a crazy time... 2020 is nothing like we expected with COVID-19 and yet, many of my students - Christian Artists - are having their best year ever because of the strategies I'm teaching during this Jumpstart Workshop. You can too!

Join me and let's make this year YOUR breakthrough year!

Understand Technology

Understand what technology tools are best when starting out for your website, email, social media and artwork reproduction.

Know God's Plan

Find out how to hear God's voice and discern His plan for your life, art and business quickly without the frustration or pressure.

Find Buyers for Your Art

Learn the proven (and mostly free) strategies that successful artists use to generate tons of business, both online and in person.

After participating in this workshop, you will:

  Have a simple pathway for your purpose

  Know where to focus time to accelerate growth

  Understand what habits make success easier

  Clarify God’s plan for your life and art

  See why people aren't buying your art 

  Transform prospects into raving clients

✅  Attracts buyers both online and offline

  Know the key elements for your website

  Feel confident creating a simple marketing plan

  Run your business without being overwhelmed

  Get a list of my favorite tech tools for artists

  Have a simple to-do list for the next 30 days 

Thriving as an artist isn't easy when you don't know the way...

That's why I am hosting this online workshop Friday, August 14th from 11am - 6pm EDT.

It's the easiest, quickest way I know to help you get focused on the things that really matter as an artist who's a Christian.

From technology to marketing, mindset to time management, finding buyers and more, we'll cover it all.

There will even be time for live Q&A!

Who is Matt Tommey?

Matt is an internationally known artist, author and mentor to thousands of artists all over the world. He is also host of the Thriving Christian Artist Podcast.

Out of his own journey of healing and the growth of his very successful art business, Matt has a passion to help artists to thrive spiritually, artistically and in business.

Matt's artwork can be seen in some of the finest luxury homes and commercial spaces in the country. He's been featured in numerous media outlets over the years in in 2011 was named an American Artist Under 40 by the Smithonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery.

In 2018, Matt was honored to be named one of Professional Artist Magazine's Best Art Mentors.

When you register, you'll get immediate access to:

Success Blueprint

A 5-Page PDF with the 7 Things every Christian artist needs to be focused on and develop mastery in to really thrive.

A $17 Value.

Starter Kit

A 26-page guided PDF workbook that gives you a pathway to follow as you pursue your God-given calling as an artist. Walkthrough Video Included.

A $37 Value.

Sell Art & Make Money

60+ real-world strategies that are working right now for artists around the world who are selling their art. 

A $97 Value.

Start Learning & Implementing Before the Day of the Workshop!

You can start using these tools now to get a jumpstart on your jumpstart!

Learn the 7 Things Every Christian Artist Must Master to Really Thrive...

When growing as an artist who wants to honor the Lord, create great art and grow a successful art business in today's market, there are 7 big things that you must master in order to see your dreams become a reality.

Without these, your dreams of really thriving will be forever out of your grasp.  Believe me, I know because that was how my life once was until I started understanding how life works as an artist in the Kingdom.

Once you understand these 7 things, you'll have the confidence to start pursuing your dreams, create incredible artwork and build a business that will give you the freedom, flexibility and finances to life the life you were born to live. A life that honors the Lord through your art, life and business.

You can be blessed with more than enough and plenty left over to be a blessing to others. Not just financially, but in every area of your life!

Where has Matt been featured?


Over the last 10 years, Matt's artwork and message of becoming a thriving artist have been featured in many magazines, podcasts, shows and media outlets such as:

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