You can Thrive as a Christian Artist in these Uncertain Times...

For the first time ever, 28 arts, ministry and business leaders from around the globe have joined together to encourage and equip artists to thrive in their creative calling. This is your time.

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Your Summit Speakers...

Join artists from around the world as you hear from arts, business & ministry leaders including:

  • Matt Tommey, The Thriving Christian Artist
  • Makoto Fujimura, Artist and founder of IAMCultureCare
  • Theresa Dedmon, Bethel Church, Redding
  • Shawn Bolz, Bolz Ministries
  • Jeanne Oliver, Artist - Colorado, USA
  • Dr. Byron Spradlin, Artists in Christian Testimony
  • Shae Bynes, The Kingdom Entrepreneur
  • Josie Lewis, Artist - Minnesota, USA
  • James Nesbit, Artist - Illinois, USA
  • Roma Waterman, Artist - Australia
  • Mark DeJesus, Turning Hearts Ministries
  • Jim & Pat Banks, House of Healing
  • Jim Baker, Zion Christian Fellowship
  • Gina Hurry, Inspero
  • Stephen Roach, The Breath & the Clay
  • Theresa Harvard Johnson, The School of the Scribe
  • J. Scott McElroy, The New Renaissance
  • Nick Honerkamp, New Covenant Church
  • Joe Cory, CIVA Christians in Visual Arts
  • Kasey Hope, P'zazz Studio
  • Mayra Pankow, Artist - Germany
  • Joel McKerrow, Poet - Australia
  • CJ & Shelley Hitz, Christian Book Academy
  • Ruth Truttman, The Visual Voice
  • Joel Pelsue, Arts & Entertainment Ministries
  • Christ Otto, Belonging House