Overcome the 5 Biggest Roadblocks Every Christian Artist Faces 

So You Can Thrive In Your Creative Calling!

Join Matt Tommey for the 5-Part Artist Rise Up Masterclass + Art Challenge to learn how to thrive spiritually, artistically & in business as an artist in God's Kingdom.  

Beginning Tuesday, September 22nd! 

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There's An Army of Artists Rising

Understanding Why is Essential for Every Christian Artists!

God is raising up an army of artists all over the world. He’s calling artists like you and me to:

✅  be His ambassadors of light, life and love

✅  reveal His beauty & release His transformation 

✅  invite Him into our creative process and business

✅  thrive in our art and creative business

✅  be a blessing to others

Sadly for many artists, the excitement of this Divine Calling is overshadowed by feelings of inadequacy, overwhelm, lack of skill, loneliness and fear.

That was my story too until I started to understand why God is raising up an army of artists and how I could be a part of it. That's when everything changed.


I realized artists needed to understand how they fit into God's plan, how the enemy was out to destroy them and how to start walking in victory as artists in God's Kingdom. That's why I'm hosting this 5-part masterclass and art challenge.

Inside this 5-Part Masterclass series, I'll be covering:

✅  God's Incredible Plan for Artists of Every Creative Medium

✅  What It Looks Like Practically to Thrive as a Christian Artist

✅  Overcoming the 5 Biggest Roadblocks to Thriving

✅  Accelerating & Sustaining Your Breakthrough

✅  Taking Your Place in God's Army of Artists

I can't wait to share this vision with you and see you start taking YOUR place in God's army of artists!

Matt Tommey

When You Register for the Masterclass

You'll get a copy of the Artists Rise Up Masterclass Workbook, my ebook "What is Prophetic Art" and access to our private Facebook community to connect with other Christian artists when you register today.

About Matt Tommey...

Matt is an artist from Asheville, North Carolina and internationally known Christian speaker, author of 5 books. He is also a mentor to artists around the world through his "Created to Thrive" mentoring program and host of the popular podcast, The Thriving Christian Artist.

In 2009, God called Matt to "raise up an army of artists to reveal His glory all over the earth."  Since then, Matt has given his life to helping artists thrive spiritually, creatively and in business or ministry.

Matt has personally sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of his original artwork and has been featured in many magazines, shows and exhibitions around the country.  In 2011, Matt was recognized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery as an American Artist Under 40 and in 2018 was recognized as one of the Best Artist Mentors in the country by Professional Artist Magazine.

"I overcame the limiting belief that creating art could not fit God's call on my life and discovered it actually aligned quite beautifully. I became intentional about setting aside time to create and allow Him to flow, which has led to over a dozen works of art being created and some sold. All this has taken place the three months following that first Artists Rise Up email. Everything has, in fact, changed, and I am grateful."

Shanon R.

"Artists Rise Up is comprehensive and unique; it has restored my faith and passion at a time of discouragement when I was on the brink of giving up. I’ve done Art Diploma course and lots of motivational reading at frustration points in my art career but this series supplies the missing ingredient absent from all these others. Understanding how vital a Kingdom mindset is for Christian artists navigating the minefield of negative forces at play within ‘the art world’ is life-changing. "

Angela M

"My YES to the Lord was in 1998 when I gave up my office job to pursue Art fulltime, but although I was already on board as an "enlisted Artist in the Army of artists" for the Lord, I found there were "roadblocks" I could identify with. I'd call them more POTHOLES. I didn't feel blocked just not travelling smoothly. I joined, initially purely out of curiosity, but this has had a very powerful effect in my life, filling in the potholes and making my journey smoother. Now I know I'm on the right path, I know for me certain disciplines are a way of life but Matt has a beautiful way of reaching in and touching people's hearts "

Nathalie W

Join Matt Tommey for the 5-Part Artist Rise Up Masterclass + Art Challenge to learn how to thrive spiritually, artistically & in business as an artist in God's Kingdom.  


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